Ensuring that the region has abundant and diverse talent that is well-prepared at all skill levels for today’s employers is a top priority.  GCP is a catalyst, convenor, and advocate for numerous partnerships that connect employers to talent development organizations.

Sector Partnerships

Sector Partnerships are collaborations of employers and workforce providers that focus on developing programs and strategies for in-demand positions. Through these efforts, GCP is working to meet the needs of key regional sectors and ensuring that talent is connected to training that leads to rewarding and sustainable career paths. To date, partnerships have been convened in the Manufacturing, Information Technology, Healthcare, and Construction sectors.


Internships, co-ops, and other experiential learning opportunities benefit both students and employers and help the region develop and retain talent from colleges and universities. GCP Internship Central provides employers and educators best practices on how to design, implement and execute impactful programs. Annually, GCP hosts the Cleveland Internship Summit, the Internship Roundtable, and webinars where employers and institutions can connect.


RITE – IT Workforce Alliance

RITEthe leading industry-driven IT workforce alliance in Northeast Ohio and the tech talent arm of GCP, is dedicated to building a diverse, highly skilled talent pipeline needed by regional employers. RITE accelerates the development of a quality IT talent pipeline by mobilizing employers, optimizing regional efforts, and delivering programming. To date, RITE has engaged more than 125 regional employers, 29 strategic alliances and program partners that include eight institutions of higher education, and over 150 high schools – impacting nearly 6,000 students across the region to address one of the region’s most pressing talent priorities.

Talent Hub

The Talent Hub is a resource where regional employers can find resources to solve critical talent shortages.  The Talent Hub is a clearinghouse of workforce providers, curriculum resources, and best practices for companies.

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Early Talent Pipeline

GCP is also focused on college and career readiness for students and works to develop public-private partnerships among school systems and employers. Signature initiatives include True2U, which provides eighth-graders with support to explore their purpose, identify their strengths and set personal goals for success, and Academies of Cleveland, which focuses on career pathways that drive economic growth in our community.