A Great Region on a Great Lake
starts with all of us being. . . ALL IN.

A Great Region in the Great Lakes

Greater Cleveland Growth Targets (2020-2030)
Economic Output: +25%       Jobs: +15%       Income: +12%

Our growth targets put Greater Cleveland in the top tier of peer regions, which include Buffalo, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Louisville, Milwaukee, Rochester, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis.

For comparison, Greater Cleveland growth rates from 2009-2019 were: Economic Output (GMP) +15%    Jobs +6%    Income +9%

ALL IN plan to achieve the vision

A thriving region is built on dynamic businesses.

Our focus is growth through productivity and innovation for businesses of all sizes. We work with partners to:

• Connect companies to growth incentives, real estate options, and talent solutions.
• Serve small and middle-market businesses by sharing funding opportunities, offering cost-saving benefits, and creating connections.
• Expand innovation activity for start-ups, corporates, and research institutions.

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Dynamic businesses need abundant talent to grow.

Our focus is work-based learning for in-demand jobs—both for today and into the future. We work with partners to:

• Increase degree and certificate program enrollments + completions in growth sectors.
• Expand internships, apprenticeships, and co-ops through industry-led partnerships.
• Broaden career awareness among high school students through programs that build pathways to employment.

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Abundant talent requires inclusive opportunity.

Our focus is diversity at all levels of enterprises. We work with partners to:

• Grow minority businesses through access to customer opportunities and advisory services.
• Expand diversity in middle and high-wage jobs by reducing barriers and developing mentorship networks.
• Ensure digital equity through device donations, affordable broadband, and digital literacy support.

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Appealing communities attract and retain dynamic businesses and talent.

Our focus is next-generation allure for working, living, and playing in Greater Cleveland. We work with partners to:

• Enhance and connect our downtown and our waterfronts through inclusive development.
• Invest in neighborhoods for interconnected development aligned with transit.
• Advocate for amenities including parks, arts and culture, sports, and recreation.
• Improve air services for all travelers.

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Pro-growth policy stimulates businesses, talent, inclusion, and communities.

Our focus is on advocacy for policies at the regional, state, and federal levels that support the priorities and advance our vision. We work with partners to:

• Build and sustain an environment where businesses thrive.
• Promote an inclusive and resilient economic infrastructure.
• Invest in a better future for business owners, students, and workers.

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Success requires an ALL IN mindset, spirit and values.

Achieving the vision requires an ALL IN spirit with the private, public, and nonprofit sectors working in unity, as a civic system, for the community.

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Are you ALL IN?