Our Purpose​

Our Mission

Accelerating Growth and Prosperity

Our Vision

A Great Region on A Great Lake …
thriving for all businesses and individuals

Our Role

Convene, catalyze, coordinate,
communicate and advocate

Our ALL IN Values

Our “All-In” values define the spirit of our organization and serve as a commitment to our members, partners and stakeholders.


We set ambitious goals supported by
dedication to execution.


We think creatively, embrace risk
and adapt to change.


We engage fully and commit
to action.


We benefit from diverse talent and
welcome aligned partners.


We share openly, leverage resources
and count on each other.


We accept accountability and act
beyond reproach.


We celebrate community
not organizational – outcomes.

What does it mean to be ALL IN?

Now more than ever, we are called to unite and take bold action for our businesses and our community. We hear it everywhere we go—”we’re all in this together.”

There is only one way for Greater Cleveland to achieve its potential. . . we all have to be ALL IN.