Asked Questions

Q. How do I enroll in the Northeast Ohio Safety Council?

A. You can enroll by calling Chris Slocombe at 216-592-2264 or email

Q. What is the process to become a member of the Northeast Ohio Safety Council if I am a member of a different safety council?

A. If you are a member of another safety council but want to join the Northeast Ohio Safety Council contact COSE at 216-592-2295 and let them know. COSE will then work with your current safety council and the Ohio BWC to transfer your membership to the NEOSC.

Q. Who should attend the meetings?

A. The safety council meetings should be attended by an individual within the organization in the areas of Human Resources, Risk Management, etc. Per the Ohio BWC guidelines, a CEO or like-ranking representative is required to attend at least one meeting. The meetings do not need to be attended by just one individual. You are able to send different individuals to each event if need be.

Q. Are there any other ways to receive a discount on my workers’ compensation premium besides attending a safety council meeting?

A. To receive 2 percent off your workers’ compensation premium you must attend a total of ten (10) meetings – at least eight (8) must be through the local safety council. You are also able to receive credit for up to two (2) meetings by attending the Ohio Safety Congress & Expo or a training class offered through the Division of Safety & Hygiene. Group Experience Rated Employers are eligible to earn 2 percent performance bonus rebate for reduction in accident frequency or severity.

Q. What do I need to do to get credit for a safety council meeting at another event?

A. If attending a meeting, training seminar, conference, etc. that can be used towards the meeting requirements please submit a certificate of accomplishment/attendance and/or a transcript from the event to the safety council manager. Upon review, the safety council manager will confirm the attendance and inform you and the BWC of the approval.

Q. If I earn the discount how do I receive the check?

A. Each organization that meets the eligibility requirements to receive the discount will pay the workers’ compensation premium and will then receive checks mailed directly by the Ohio BWC.