Downtown & Waterfront

Major Projects throughout Greater Cleveland’s downtown and waterfronts

Our focus is on catalytic development throughout Cleveland’s downtown, lakefront and riverfronts, working in collaboration with public and private partners to enhance the city for residents, businesses, and visitors.

Major Downtown Projects

Waterfronts Transformation

Development Tools

Downtown Cleveland continues to be a focus for investment and development. Major projects underway include the Sherwin-Williams Headquarters (36-story building on Public Square) and the Progressive Field ballpark renovation. In addition, plans are underway to transform the Centennial Building and Cleveland State has recently unveiled its updated campus master plan.

A major priority for all is to re-connect Cleveland to its waterfronts, both Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River, enabling public access and spurring nearby development. GCP is supporting the City’s and County’s vision to reconnect the community to the water, our greatest natural asset. This includes the Downtown Lakefront (North Coast), the Bedrock Riverfront transformation and the Irishtown Bend Park.

To inform developers and funders and to enable Clevelanders to visualize the transformed city, GCP has produced a free, interactive Cleveland Development 3-D model. This model includes existing buildings and projects in various stages of planning and construction, with links to further information. In addition, GCP and Downtown Cleveland Alliance have commissioned a 2022 Greater Downtown residential market demand study.

Development Across Cleveland’s Waterfronts

Greater Cleveland Partnership’s Case Study

This case study, designed and curated by Greater Cleveland Partnership and our partners, is the first case study in a series about the transformational impact of public-private partnerships in and around Cleveland’s waterfront.