GCP Internship Central

Building that talent pipline.

Attracting, developing, and retaining talent continue to be a priority for the region’s employers. GCP Internship Central is a resource center that provides employers, educators and students valuable information, best practices, opportunities to connect, and ideas about how to design, implement and execute impactful programs.

Internships, co-ops, and other experiential learning opportunities are essential to ensuring that Northeast Ohio attracts and retains a skilled 21st-century workforce. Our strength and competitiveness as a region rely on our ability to ensure companies have the workforce they need, both for today and for the future. GCP Internship Central will provide access to important information and tools that will help with growing and keeping talent here in Northeast Ohio.

The Resources you want

For Employers

Employers can access information regarding how to effectively manage an internship program to better prepare early talent as they enter the workforce.

For Students

Learn how to take your internship experience to the next level through a variety of resources. 

For Educators

Find the resources students need to connect to opportunities, information about in-demand industries and careers, information about Ohio’s colleges and universities, and more.


Whether you are an employer or a student, you can access guidebooks, sample materials and more.