Pro-Growth Policy

Pro-growth policy stimulates businesses, talent, inclusion, and communities.

Our focus is on advocacy for policies and programs at the regional, state, and federal levels that support the priorities and advance our vision. We work with partners to:

  • Build and sustain an environment where businesses thrive.
  • Promote an inclusive and resilient economic infrastructure.
  • Invest in a better future for business owners, students, and workers.

Thriving Business Ecosystem

Advocacy is fundamental to maintaining and improving conditions that help businesses start, scale, and thrive. Our work favors policies, programs, and principles that support growth and ease regulatory and administrative burdens for employers.

An Inclusive Economy

The business community’s shared vision for Greater Cleveland includes a diverse and inclusive workforce that attracts and retains newcomers. We work with local, state, and federal governments to advocate for an inclusive and resilient economic infrastructure.

Investing for The Future

Investments and reforms in education, workforce development, and entrepreneurship support a better future for businesses, students, and workers. Systems and practices at all levels need consistent review for our region to reach its full potential.

GCP works in partnerships and coalitions to advance its public policy agenda, including:

  • The Greater Cleveland Civic Connection which promotes regular collaboration between private sector leadership and vital public agencies–City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Cleveland Metropark, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, Port of Cleveland, NOACA, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, and the Ohio Department of Transportation.
  • The Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition is a collective of chambers of commerce across the Great Lakes region that jointly advocate on core policy issues, including water quality, immigration reform, trade, and transportation and infrastructure.
  • The Ohio Business Roundtable comprised of ​Presidents and CEOs of Ohio’s top companies working together to improve Ohio’s economic vitality and business climate
  • The Ohio Metro Chambers Coalition is comprised of nine chambers of commerce representing Ohio’s metropolitan areas and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. Its current focus is on promoting policies that help Ohio become more flexible, adaptive and innovative.
  • Ohio Excels a nonpartisan coalition of leaders committed to helping improve education for every Ohio student.