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GCP Spotlight: Dr. Elad Granot, Dean of John Carroll University’s Boler College of Business

By Laura DeMarco

Dr. Elad Granot has been a venture capitalist, professor, consultant, CMO of KPMG in Tel Aviv, CEO of a large media production company, sales manager for an international company and an officer in the Israel Defense Forces. But he currently holds the role he is most passionate about, Dean of John Carroll University’s Boler College of Business, a position he accepted in 2022 after more than two decades at Rider, Ashland and Cleveland State universities.

Boler College Analytics Lab.

Institutions of higher education are incredibly important, and business schools in particular are charged with pumping talent into their ecosystems.

That’s what Boler is here to do. There’s no other function in any ecosystem that is charged with that. If you look if you look at government, they don’t generate talent. If you look at industry, it definitely it doesn’t do that. It consumes talent. The only function in an ecosystem that does that, and is charged with that as its mission, is higher education. And specifically for me and for Boler, that is business schools. We are foundational members of the ecosystem that we serve.

Dr. Granot

One of the other things that really matters is innovation. Innovation is critical to growth and more and more companies do not realize that they, too, are a technology company.

It used to be you would say, tech companies and go, “Google, Facebook, etc.” Now, if you think about if you think about Northeast Ohio, UH for example is a tech company, right? Everything runs on their own technology.

I’m certainly All In. It feels like it’s the right time, and it’s more than a feeling. We can see that on the ground. We’re moving forward.

There’s a generational shift of folks like me who’ve been here for a long time, or who have grown up here, who are now in places where they can influence Northeast Ohio. The traditional parochial structure is disintegrating right before our eyes.


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