Digital Equity Initiative

GCP, The Cleveland Foundation, Cuyahoga County, and many others have formed a coalition of more than 70 organizations, including dozens of GCP member companies, to end the region’s digital divide. The group—which includes Cleveland’s corporate, philanthropic, K-12 and higher education, health care, workforce, and community-based and advocacy organizations—have collaborated to:

  1. Collect and Donate Devices
  2. Provide and Advocate for Broadband Connectivity
  3. Support Community-Based Digital Navigators

GCP continues to lead the corporate and institutional campaign for device donations and the advocacy work of the broader coalition, engaging with lawmakers at every level of government on the issue of the digital divide.

According to the census data, 11% of households in 2021 still do not have broadband subscriptions. While this is progress from 2019 (18%), the coalition’s goal remains connecting every resident in the region so they can more fully learn, earn, and live in a digital world.


14,237 Computers Pledged
(and counting!)

Lt. Governor Jon Husted has issued a challenge to companies in Ohio to help bridge the digital divide, and businesses in the Buckeye State are responding in an effort to help underprivileged citizens of our state get connected to the internet.