Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeships are meaningful career experiences designed to tap into talent, enhance personal and professional growth, and contribute to the overall sustainability of our economy.

Providing inclusive and equitable opportunities for advancement is a key investment that public and private leaders identify as essential to strengthening our regional workforce. Skills-based training like apprenticeships taps into an abundant talent source for employers while mitigating post-secondary and unemployment barriers straining our regional economy.

Apprenticeships are “earn and learn” training programs that provide apprentices with an opportunity to master a skill within an industry or trade and attain a transferable credential while earning a livable wage. The combination of on-the-job training and related technical instruction affords apprentices a unique experience, unlike traditional work experience initiatives or post-secondary degree programs.

Apprenticeships also aid in closing the labor gap by providing advancement opportunities for diverse, underrepresented, and non-traditional job seekers. Focused initiatives such as the Workforce Connect Sector Partnerships allow regional service providers and employers to attract, train and employ from diverse talent pools within an in-demand industry or trade while positively impacting retention and turnover rates for sponsoring employers.

Apprenticeship program toolkit

Sample apprenticeship application
Sample apprenticeship standards and evaluation
Sample apprenticeship competency models

Fundamentals of healthcare
Health information management
Long-term care, supports, and services

Information Technology
Enterprise security
Information technology

Advanced manufacturing

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Apprenticeships can be established across multiple industries and sectors. For more information or assistance in creating your new talent pipeline, email at Mike Glavin at [email protected].

Sample apprenticeship job descriptions and work schedules

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