All In on advocacy: Policy Forum will bring together region’s elected officials, business leaders

Join political and business leaders at GCP’s ALL IN Leadership Policy Forum on November 21

By Michael Collier

A supportive business ecosystem and appealing community are critical to sustained growth and success, whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or CEO of a major enterprise.

Ensuring that those criteria are met requires commitment, connection and collaboration at every level, but more importantly, a seat at the table. As the nation’s largest chamber of commerce, it’s often the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) setting that table to give voice to the organization’s 12,000 members and engage cross-sector partners throughout the region.

“These are conversations that you can’t hear anywhere else between people who otherwise might not interact.”

The ALL IN Leadership Policy Forum on November 21, 2022, will provide an opportunity for a firsthand look at advocacy in action, and the chance to pull up a chair.

“Anybody can find a way to go hear from any one of these elected officials,” says Marty McGann, General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Advocacy and Strategy at GCP, of the event’s high-powered lineup of featured speakers. But it is the “conversations of consequence,” he says, which make the Leadership Policy Forum unique.

“These are conversations that you can’t hear anywhere else between people who otherwise might not interact,” McGann adds, speaking to the bipartisan dialogue between public officials and the opportunity for attendees to both hear from and interface with their elected representatives at this exclusive event.

“We sit at the intersection of government, growth and prosperity,” McGann says of the organization’s role in the region.

“There are very few things that happen in our community that don’t have to cross that intersection.”

Effectively navigating that crossroads — particularly in an ever-changing landscape — requires alignment of the private, public and nonprofit sectors as a unified civic system to accelerate growth in the region. That alignment is the foundation of GCP’s All In vision and plan, and advocating for policies and programs at the local, state and federal levels which support that vision is critical to its advancement.

While the Forum is the latest visible example of GCP’s advocacy role, much of its work to build a thriving and inclusive economy takes place behind the scenes.

“We’re often a service provider to the rest of organization,” says McGann, underscoring the fundamental importance of effective advocacy in driving the work and advancing the region. “Whether it’s equity and inclusion, funding sources, tax credits, the lakefront development,” he adds, “it takes the ability of knowing the people and knowing the process to move an issue.”

“It’s working closely with our government officials to ensure growth and prosperity for the region, and providing continuity in a changing landscape.”

Throughout the region, the results of that work are clear.

“I feel confident walking around this community on the impact that we’ve had,” says McGann, highlighting the organization’s involvement in major recent developments, including last year’s Progressive Field deal, $80 million in New Markets Tax Credit awards to Cleveland, and the announcement by Aer Lingus of a nonstop Cleveland-Dublin route.

But McGann is also the first to point out that GCP seldom works alone in these efforts, pointing to an ever-growing list of key partners and community coalitions.

“It’s not about credit,” says McGann. “It’s about building a bigger tent to move our community forward.”


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