Cleveland Marketing AI Conference will educate businesses on transformative benefits of artificial intelligence

According to the Marketing AI Institute, headquartered in Cleveland, artificial intelligence (AI) is forecasted to add trillions to the global economy by 2030. No longer an abstraction or the subject of science fiction, artificial intelligence is an an accessible technology currently helping businesses build smarter, more effective enterprises.

Today, AI is being used to intelligently automate hundreds of marketing tasks, including budget allocation, ad copy development, social media updates, blog posts, strategy campaigns and more. From corporations to small businesses, companies throughout Greater Cleveland are among those at the cutting edge, leveraging AI to improve the ways in which they engage and understand their audiences.

AI is also being used by cultural institutions. The Cleveland Museum of Art’s (CMA) ARTLENS Gallery is an immersive technological exploration that enhances visitors’ experiences by allowing them to dive deeper into the museum’s collection. Additionally, the AI can actively collect and use data to improve upon each individual experience. The adoption and full embrace of this technology made CMA a pioneer, and nearly every major museum in the world paid a visit to learn how their own institutions could “go digital.”

COSE member Vecchio and Schafer DDS is applying AI to build a smarter business with Dental Intelligence software that allows the firm to keep its schedule full each day, better serving both staff and patients. The software’s Patient Finder feature uses an algorithm that picks patients most likely to fill open slots based on past history, insurance status, and other factors that traditionally correlate with the likelihood of filling and completing appointments.

Marketing AI Conference (MAICON), Aug. 3–5, 2022

Regardless of industry or size, AI offers companies the ability to save time and money by intelligently automating repetitive processes, and accelerate revenue growth by enhancing creativity and decision making. These and other practical applications of AI will be explored at the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON)Aug. 3–5, 2022, at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Designed to help marketers at all levels understand and leverage AI, the MAICON programming is tailored for non-technical audiences.

The conference includes a half-day of next-gen workshops focused on leveling up marketers and agencies, empowering them to pilot and scale more intelligent technologies, while also touching on responsible AI and the ethical implications it surface. The final two days include dozens of sessions from industry-leading experts and speakers, and breakout content focused on intelligently automating repetitive tasks, driving personalization at scale, improving customer experience and enhancing creativity.

MAICON empowers marketers and business leaders to grow next-gen businesses and teams who are ready for the largest digital transformation of our lifetimes. Attendees will learn how to effectively use AI to reduce costs, accelerate revenue growth and generate greater return-on-investment on their marketing spend. (Use code GCP50 at checkout for 50% off MAICON 2022 passes.)

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