CentraComm sponsored content: Is a cybersecurity vulnerability assessment right for your business?

Most small businesses are too small to have a dedicated IT person, let alone someone to safeguard the company from cybercriminals; however, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting small businesses, many of who aren’t prepared to detect and fend off a cyberattack. There are several ways to protect your business from cyber-attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in your systems, networks, and applications. Cyber-attackers not only exploit the vulnerabilities of major corporations, but also small to medium sized businesses that are often least prepared when it comes to cybersecurity. Here are three common risks\vulnerabilities that every business should understand and confront:

Lack of user awareness

End users often represent the most vulnerable access points for computer systems, private networks, and business – critical applications. An employee might accidentally download harmful malware by clicking on an infected link or downloading a malicious email attachment. Taking steps to understand and secure your environment mitigates the impact of user mistakes.

Lack of perimeter (firewall) security

If your organization does not have an updated firewall, a cyber attacker can easily find their way into your network and steal important, sensitive data. A firewall is an important line of defense against malicious third parties looking to exploit system vulnerabilities.

Outdated and/or unpatched applications 

Outdated and unpatched software is a weakness in your network. Once the vulnerabilities are known, software vendors write additional code known as patches to cover up the security gaps and holes. Running unpatched software is a risky activity – by the time a patch emerges, criminals and hackers are typically well aware of the vulnerabilities.

A great way to understand security threats and address vulnerabilities before a breach is a cybersecurity vulnerability assessment. For many businesses, the cybersecurity vulnerability assessment is a starting point of any successful security strategy. This scan gives you the big picture view of what your IT environment looks like. The assessment identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes the risks and vulnerabilities in a system.

Still wondering if a cybersecurity vulnerability assessment is right for your business? Without it, you have no idea where your business sits from a security standpoint. This assessment provides a peace of mind and awareness of your business IT security, allowing you to focus on your core business. Need to mitigate vulnerabilities and prioritize this important effort into your overall IT security and business continuity approach, CentraComm is here to help. CentraComm offers cybersecurity vulnerability assessments for any size business, in any vertical, and offers different scan types that fit your IT security needs.