Innovative apprenticeship program bridges employment and diversity gaps to build inclusive IT talent pipeline  

In 2021, the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) partnered with Seattle-based Apprenti to launch apprenticeships designed to build an abundant and inclusive tech talent pipeline in the region. Available as a plug-and-play solution for employers seeking talent for in-demand tech jobs, companies in Greater Cleveland are leveraging the program to fill entry-level IT roles such as Computer User Support Specialist, Cloud Computing Specialist, Cybersecurity Analyst, Software Developer and IT Business Analyst, through registered apprenticeships that help them meet their evolving workforce needs while training the next generation of talent. 

The program typically consists of 12-16 weeks of technical instruction and 12 months of paid, on-the-job training where apprentices gain the skills and experience of a fully-qualified professional in their field, as well as credits that can be transferred to 2-year or 4-year degree programs. Across the country, 9 out of 10 Apprenti participants are retained and hired after their apprenticeship. There are also state and local incentives that are available to offset some of the costs associated with registered apprenticeships. 

Companies interested in learning more about the program, or the benefits available to COSE and GCP members, are encouraged to reach out to GCP by emailing Akeem Perry, Sr. Manager, Talent Initiatives at GCP, [email protected] or calling (216) 592-2235.  


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