Great Lakes

2022 Policy Priorities for the Great Lakes Metro Chamber Coalition

The Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition (GLMCC) is a national collective of chambers of commerce across the Great Lakes region that jointly advocates on core policy issues. GLMCC has recently released their 2022 Public Priorities including Restoration, Revitalization, & Reconstruction, Workforce Development, Immigration, Trade & Tourism, and Innovation. The selected priorities are based on the needs of Great Lakes businesses to help realize the business community’s vision of a thriving, resilient, and inclusive Great Lakes regional economy. Below are the highlights from each of the five policy priorities. With GCP and Cleveland as a leading member of the coalition, it’s easy to pinpoint how our All-In Vision is realized through all our partnering efforts. The chart below outlines the significance of each prioritized category, including expected positive impacts to the Great Lakes region.

GLMCC 2022 Policy Priorities &
Corresponding GCP Strategic Priorities
Economic Impact on the Great Lakes Region
Restoration, Revitalization, & Reconstruction
Appealing Community
• Revitalize downtown neighborhoods to attract new businesses and more residents
• Prevent the invasion of Asian carp into the Great Lakes which allows for commercial fishing markets to continue to thrive
Workforce Development
Abundant Talent
Inclusive Opportunity
• Students will gain skills and knowledge in growing in-demand fields, enabling them to pursue high wage industry careers; ultimately reinforcing the workforce.
Abundant Talent
Dynamic Business
Inclusive Opportunity
• Supporting initiatives such as increasing the cap for H-1B Visas is a pro-growth opportunity that directly impacts economic revitalization and growth within the Great Lakes region
Trade & Tourism
Business Confidence
• Ensuring that services and inspection equipment are in place and up-to-standard at Northern Border crossings allows for the ease of passenger cruise tourism as well as the opportunity to increase container cargo shipping, both of which will aid in economic recovery and visitor interest in the Great Lakes
Dynamic Business
• Investing in the future of University Technology Centers and Innovation Institutes, Test Beds, and Regional Technology Hubs strengthens and expands the Great Lakes Region’s innovative economy