More than roads and bridges: Infrastructure deal, GCP priorities aligned heading into 2022

November 16, 2021 – The passing of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill is the result of collaborative efforts on both sides of the aisle to revitalize America’s infrastructure and equip the country with the tools to succeed. Ohio is expected to receive more than $12 billion from the $500 billion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

Greater Cleveland Partnership’s strategic plan focusing on dynamic businesses, abundant talent, inclusive opportunity, appealing community, and pro-growth policy is in alignment with the proposed funding for Ohio and creates a clear path for the success of our “All-In” vision for Greater Cleveland.  

Investments in broadband, airports, public transport, and water infrastructure — to name a few — are key areas where funds will be allocated. Additionally, there are grant opportunities to support other priorities, with Ohio currently receiving funding in seven of fourteen of the established project categories.

So how does GCP’s strategic plan align with IIJA dollars? Here’s how funds might be filtered through GCP’s priority areas:

Grant Opportunities to be made available:
Mega projects over $100 million ($5 billion)*

Safe streets and roads for all ($5 billion)**
Smart cities technology ($500 million)
Congestion relief ($250 million)
Reconnecting communities divided by highway infrastructure ($1 billion)

Bridges ($12.5 billion)
Healthy streets ($500 million)
Electric vehicle charging and fueling ($2.5 billion)
Climate resilience ($1.4 billion)
Transit rail vehicle replacement ($1.5 billion)