Small Business Week

What is the Onboarding Experience You Create for Your Customers? I December 8, 2021

December 8, 2021 I 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Location: The Agora

Presented by: Marvin Montgomery, Owner, The Sales Doctor & Bob Pacanovsky, Chief Hospitality Officer, The Black Tie Experience

Yes, we said Onboarding. We do this all the time when we hire new employees to our companies. Why? We want to welcome them and create a positive experience for them.  

Shouldn’t we do the same for our new customers? Most companies can attract a new customer, but the challenge comes in how to retain them. When retention of your customer base increases, so does your loyalty, and revenue.

Marvin Montgomery and Bob Pacanovsky, two COSE Board Members, will lead a panel discussion of business owners just like you, and they will give us their ideas and secrets on how they both attract and retain customers.  

We will hear how they Onboard their customers and how they make it an experience for them so that these customers turn into Brand Ambassadors for their organizations.

And we will want to hear from you as well on what you are doing to retain customers.

You will walk away with ideas and strategies that you can immediately implement in your companies to increase loyalty, retention and revenue.

PRESENTERS: Marvin Montgomery & Bob Pacanovsky


For more than 30 years, Marvin Montgomery has earned widespread national recognition and praise for his informative, practical and stimulating programs that reflect his basic philosophy: “Preparation and practice are the keys to sales success.”

Marvin began his career with one of the nation’s largest jewelry chains and worked his way up to the director of sales position. It was here that Marvin began refining his approach to training. In total, he trained more than 1,200 associates in 95 stores during his time with the organization.

Since that time, Marvin’s captivating presentations have assisted hundreds of organizations to meet or exceed their sales goals using his training programs. Many of Marvin’s clients have said that getting “Marvinized” has truly made a difference in their company and Marvin has become a mandatory part of company training.

In addition to his training programs, Marvin has given keynote addresses, public workshops and presentations for all industries, professional services, chambers, associations and organizations of all sizes. His addresses include such topics as “Are You Practicing on Your Customers?”, “How to Cultivate New Clients While Maximizing Your Existing Ones” and “Customer Service: The Unexpected Extras that Make the Difference.”

Marvin is the author of Practice Makes Perfect and Training Wheels that are available at He is also a regular contributor to magazines such as Smart Business Cleveland and Smart Business Akron/Canton, COSE Update, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer.


An entrepreneur for 25 years, primarily in the hospitality industry, Bob Pacanovsky and his team created over 7,000 meetings, events, receptions (including catering 25 of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction events), and had one opportunity to create both a “wow experience” and a lasting impression (or a Black Tie Experience) on his clients and guests.   

Now as a keynote speaker and strategic trainer, he uses his two decades of working “in the trenches” to teach companies and organizations how to focus on Service Excellence and Hospitality to cultivate more Brand Ambassadors for them.   

Bob has worked with organizations and associations across the country in industries like travel/tourism, healthcare, hospitality, association management, attractions, banking, accounting, and more. He has achieved Professional Membership in the National Speakers Association (NSA) and is a Past-President of an NSA chapter. 

Bob lives in Akron, Ohio and is a graduate of The University of Akron with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. He serves on the boards of OPEN M in Akron, a Christian Ministry (where he is now Board Chair), the Greater Cleveland Partnership – COSE Advisory Board, and Jennings Ohio Senior Living. 


This event is part of COSE Small Business Week, which is proudly sponsored by:

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